About Northwest Portland

Historic Beaux-Arts Apartments

Historic Beaux-Arts Apartment building in the Historic Alphabet District

What makes Northwest Portland special is its livable, walk-able diversity and widely recognized architectural significance. The neighborhood is nationally lauded for its well-planned, charming mixture of all the elements of a diversified village.

Any given block serves up a rich pastiche of the historic and tastefully modern. Next to a Georgian Revival mansion are Beaux Arts apartments, adjacent to Street Car era commercial, near a Craftsman bungalow. Filled with stunning homes, colorful flower markets, coffee houses and restaurants, cinema, shops, schools and lush parks and hiking trails, we are lucky to call Northwest Portland home.

If you are looking to buy a home in Northwest Portland, you will find an incredible number of houses of architectural significance surrounded by all the modern conveniences of urban living β€” right on the edge of the largest public forest in an American city. It’s a special place, indeed.

Search a property in the Northwest Portland zip codes β€” 97209 and/or 97210 β€” now.

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