Portland Architecture

Portland is blessed with a treasure trove of historic and architecturally significant homes, many designed by noted architects.

There are more than two dozen recognized housing styles evident throughout the city, including in our own Northwest Portland neighborhood. Classic houses we frequently represent are created in the following styles:

Greek Revival Architecture in NW Portland

Greek Revival

Greek Revival — popular from the 19th century on, featuring Doric or Ionic columns, porticoes, pilasters, pediments and more: think Gone with the Wind





Queen Anne Victorian of NW Portland

Queen Anne Victorian


Queen Anne — romantic and often elaborate Victorians with front-facing gables, with or without gingerbread, often with bay windows, spindles and brackets: think San Francisco’s “painted ladies”



Tudor English-Gothic

Tudor English-Gothic Style

Tudor — an English-Gothic style that is characterized by flat, four-cornered arches, shallow moldings, paneled walls, and half-timbers: think Shakespeare





Colonial Times

Colonial Times

Colonial — reflective of architecture from around the time of the American Revolution, these houses are also sometimes called “Colonial Georgian,” or “Federal”, distinguished by cornices with decorative moldings, porticos, side gables, sash and dormer windows and multi-paned windows: think Mount Vernon



Craftsman Architecture

Craftsman Architecture

Craftsman — part of the American Arts & Crafts movement, these houses began springing up in America at the end of the Victorian era, highlighting natural local materials (wood, glass and metal), and visible handcrafted aesthetics: think Stickley






American Bungalow

American Bungalow

Bungalow – charming, smaller homes, with low-pitched roofs (either gabled or hipped), often with porches and overhanging eaves: think neighborhood Americana






122 SW Marconi Avenue: John Virginius Bennes House

Prairie Style

Prairie — a distinctive “modern” early 20th century architecture that broke from the “European” mold, and features open floor plans, lots of horizontal lines, long overhanging roofs and bands of vertical windows: think Frank Lloyd Wright





These are just some of the marvelous styles of homes that the Dan Volkmer Team helps sellers and buyers connect with in the Portland real estate market. Look at our Current Listings to see what’s available today!