“Our work with Dan Volkmer’s team was a fantastic experience. Full service from beginning to end of the sales process. We sold our Portland home from Florida and they coordinated every aspect of prepping the house for sale, managing trades/subcontractors – all the while communicating everything to us about the process, status, and costs. We had a very short timeline to sell our house (and close) before we hit our capital gains deadline. They took care of everything to ensure we met our goals. Pricing strategy, repairs costs, offer negotiations – all were expertly handled! A top notch team!

“Dan, Kishra, Burdean and Mardi – they were full service and beyond!

“Thanks for everything!”

Beth & Kyle Kobel


“Dan and his staff are professionals… knowledgeable, persistent, kind, client-centered. Extraordinary.”

Anita Archer


“The Volkmer Team works seemlessly together while they helped us through all aspects of our transactions: they are responsive at all hours of the day, they produce high quality advertising materials, they met very tight deadlines with excellent inspectors, they are highly attentive to all details and are wonderful people to work with.”

Tami and Brian Clare


“Dan and his group have been very professional and well organized in their schedule to assist is. They are very good at communicating each step on the process of both purchasing our new condominium and now selling our house. We asked several specific things we wanted in our new condominium and Dan didn’t waste our time by showing us property which was not within our requirements.”

Joyce Tsongas and Dennis Brooks


“We have used Mardi Davis before and are always impressed by how organized and professional she is. She handled all of the important details for us and did an excellent job of lining up a home inspector and other contractors to provide repair estimates for the home we purchased. She is highly knowledgeable, and was readily available for any questions or concerns we had.”

Leah Moog & Eric Nicolson


“My agent and his team moved very quickly to help secure this very special condo before others had a chance to make an offer. They also went out of their way to ensure I was happy with the seismic strength of the building. Could not have been done better.”

Stephen and Jeanne Schapp


“Walked with us every step of the way.”

Claudia and Bill Schechter


“The Volkmer team was very thorough about what needs to be completed to sell a home for the right price. Nothing was left to chance. Tim and I were really happy to have (them) all on our side and sell our home it was like working with a family but better, thank you thank you.”

Tim Dooley and Mary Moore


“Dan and his team were exceptional.”

Scott Birdsall


“Awesome Awesome Awesome”

Anne and Richard DeWolf


“Ours was a century old home designed by AE Doyle.  Dan’s name came up repeatedly as a the leading realtor in historic homes in  the  SW/NW  heights. True. He spent hours researching the house and AE Doyle.  Well-attended broker showings (plural) featured Volkmer signature crab legs.   Print and video productions were outstanding.  There was continual promotional activity. A pleasant surprise was having a team of three realtors. Each had his/her specialty. The house was never left alone with only a key for a realtor and client. One of the team was always present when it was being shown. Selling a great home we had enjoyed for 43 years could have been much more difficult. Dan and his team made it as smooth as possible.”

Gary & Jean White


“Through many years of dedication and hard work to preserve and enhance NW Portland, Dan has earned a well deserved reputation as a knowledgeable and accomplished housing professional. He is first rate! He worked diligently with me in 1986 to buy our NW house and he worked superbly with us to sell it when we moved away. My husband and I are most grateful and in fact, we are moving back to Portland in the next few months (beautiful here, but we’re plainly homesick), and we so wish we had the Volkmer Team here to help us.  To Dan, his team and Windermere. Thank you.”

Nancy Nesewich and George King


“This is the first time Brad and I have worked with a realtor “team” and we really see a difference from our past experiences.  You really put a lot more work into making the whole thing the smooth for us.  With our purchase and sale happening so close together, I don’t know what we would do without Burdean keeping it all organized and willing to spend time meeting inspectors etc.  Kishra really came through while we were preparing the house for sale.  Dan, I want to thank you especially for the advice and guidance you have given us.

“I recommended you to my next door neighbor – who might be moving the San Francisco sometime in the near future and sang your praises when I told her the incredible experience.” 

M & B Fisher


“We have done many transactions with the Volkmer team and have been extremely satisfied. Their vast experience is a huge asset to a buyer or seller. To sum it up they are a: Knowledgeable, Honest, and Professional team that delivers great results!”

Jeff Arthur and Don Mutal, historic property preservationists and developers


“The Volkmer team complemented one another so well, taking turns helping us out. They seemed to know when to hold our hands and when we needed a dose of reality, too. In the end, Dan knew better what we were looking for in a new home than we did. For that we are most grateful.

Steve Pierson and Sandie Willow


“Thank you Dan for your honesty on all those homes that we thought we could make work – we are really happy to be in this neighborhood. We just love it. And thank you all for your patience; we’re glad we waited to get something that we really love.”

Cara Denver and Ben Jacobsen


“In 2005, my husband and I listed two of our investment properties with the Volkmer Team. Sale of the duplex and the tri-plex were more than satisfactory; the Volkmer folks worked great with the tenants. In 2007 we listed a four-plex with the Volkmer Team, and again, we were grateful for their marvelous help with every detail. In 2010, our residence of 45 years was listed with the Volkmer Team, and two months after listing, the closing took place. Dan, Burdean, and Kishra are the BEST!!!”

Margaret Hooten


“Your help in both selling our long-time home and purchasing the place at “The George” was not only invaluable, it was remarkable. When you say you offer your clients service, you really mean it. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such willingness to step in and problem-solve, efficiently handle inspections, take care of a myriad of overwhelming details so that I didn’t have to. And we didn’t even have to ask! You simply volunteered. In addition, you continually demonstrated that you had our best interests in and throughout the entire process. Plus, you are so experienced; you brought a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to each and every aspect of the transactions. Fact is, I’m going through a little Volkmer withdrawal. I don’t suppose you would consider adoption? “

Candace McKinley-Potts


“Dan and his team are a dream to work with. They understand all the aspects of a home sale and do everything they can to make it easy for the seller. A great pleasure to work with them.”

Cathi Howell and Steve Greenberg


“Dan, Kishra, and Burdean made the entire process an enjoyable transition in our family. This team had the expertise to help sell our house in a relatively short time.

“Not only for buying and selling, but the team continued to provide excellent recommendations for contractors, movers, handymen, you name it, they have reliable, experienced resources who can and will make things happen quickly!

“Windermere is a gem in the Portland community for the many projects and services the Foundation sponsors. Thank you Windermere for helping to build and maintain strong neighborhoods throughout Portland, Oregon and Washington!”

Heidi Lieneweber